"I watched that online course and got an amazing job offer!"

* (said no one ever)

Becoming a self-taught developer is hard AF!

Doing this without proper guidance is even harder!

Have you gone through the tutorial loop hell?

Online courses, or even a bootcamp but still can’t put together an app by yourself?

Gave up multiple times feeling like your brain just isn’t built for this?

Copy-pasted a bunch of code from StackOverflow, but don’t fully understand it, and how to debug it?

Let alone, explain it under pressure in a job interview?

Do you want to stop wasting time?

Get that job or lunch your dream product?

Do you want to finally learn the right way?

The biggest code challenges
have nothing to do with code

They are deep internal struggles:

  • Procrastinating and unable to keep the habit of learning.
  • Unable to write code by yourself from scratch. Bought 3 different Udemy courses and still couldn’t write that app that YOU wanted?
  • Not having somebody to consult with when you are stuck, or to keep you accountable.
  • Feeling stressed, stupid or incapable.
  • Having the “imposter syndrome”.
  • Not knowing if the tech choices you are making are the right ones, leading to paralysis (also known as “decision fatigue”).
  • Giving up when not knowing where to look for solutions.

If this feels painfully familiar you should know that you are NOT ALONE!

You are NOT lazy, stupid or incapable!

And there is nothing wrong with your brain.

This is not your fault and you can overcome this!

Learning is a natural ability that we have from the moment we are born.

All it requires is curiosity and passion. The rest just follows.

The fault is with our educations system and work environment.

For most of us, learning has been a traumatic experience

Today’s schools make sure that every ounce of joy coming from natural curiosity is sucked dry out of us by the time we graduate.

Being shamed by teachers or even parents for not being able to learn properly, when they are the ones that should be helping us to.

This is how we start to expect completely unrealistic things from ourselves.

Instead of playing and exploring, we worry and think that we are incapable.

So how do you gain back your confidence?

Confidence is an often misunderstood concept.

People believe that you first develop an inner feeling and then you succeed at what you do. The truth is that it works the other way around:

You first make a leap of faith. Take the first step before feeling ready, not without fear but despite the fear

You try and fail and try and fail again until you make small steps of success.

Those steps are the seeds of confidence.

However, the challenge must be real.

Your mind and body must know without a doubt that you didn’t take a shortcut. That the coach didn’t go easy on you just to make you feel good about yourself.

If you go to the gym and lift weights, you know that either you can lift X pounds or you cannot. When you have lifted a 100-pound weight, you have no doubt in your mind that you can lift 100 pounds.

This is confidence.

Well, that was a wall of text...

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