6 Steps to Kickstart your Coding Journey

January 22, 2021
Written by
Ilya Dorman

The typical notion is that programming is one of the most difficult things to do, and only magicians can make things happen with computers.

Is it really as difficult as moving mountains?

What if I told you that it is a mere piece of cake, and all you need is consistently follow these 6 steps I describe for you below? That being said… Let’s get started, shall we?

  1. Get basic knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript from an introduction-level tutorial. I highly recommend Free Code Camp.

  2. Define your dream project on a piece of paper. Draw the screens and write down the things you want people to be able to do on your site/app.

  3. Choose one page that you have envisioned. Dig into all the details of that page to define your static parts. You need basic HTML & CSS experience, or a mentor to help you do that. Once you have your basic parts, you can start building the connections between them.

  4. NEVER start coding before you have the logic mapped out, either in your head or on a piece of paper. The #1 mistake of beginner programmers is that they try to solve problems while typing code instead of stepping back and focus on the logic.

  5. Start with simple connections and move on to the more complex ones as your experience and knowledge grow. You will mostly use JavaScript to implement those connections so keep learning the fundamentals. At this point, you can start incorporating small bits of theory once things get a little complex.

  6. **Scrap the project and re-build everything from the beginning!
    **Yes, this is not a joke. Rebuilding a learning project from scratch is invaluable as you get to revisit all your thought process from a higher vantage point.

The process is dead simple: break down the project into the smallest blocks, connect them to create moving parts, and eventually finalize them into one functional device.

And remember: hands-on experience is key. Only writing code, again and again, every single day will eventually take you there. Personally, I recommend at least one hour per day.

Last but not least, you can sign up for my mentorship program where in addition to teaching you code, I’ll help you to build clear mental models by focusing on the ”WHY”, for you to move ahead at maximum speed, and we will only work on a project you like, from start to finish.

Everything we will do will revolve around your project.

Now that you’ve finally realized that you don’t need to be a wizard to write lines of code and make your dream project come to life… how are you going to make sure that you’re going to consistently follow these 6 golden rules to becoming a magician yourself?

I have an idea: how about you with your zeal & curiosity, and me with my experience & knowledge, touch base, and start working on your dream project together?