Wanna get rich quick? Sell Bootcamps

December 22, 2020
Written by
Ilya Dorman

Just don’t buy one yourself. You won’t solve your work and financial freedom; you’ll just solve someone else’s.

There aren’t many legitimate ways to get rich quick.

Unfortunately, a lot of people disagree with me on this. Maybe that’s because they are incessantly trying to incept themselves with the idea that one can earn money by spending money… sounds absurd, right?

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Actually, looks like selling Courses and Bootcamps is a way to get rich quickly—typically by exploiting everyone’s weak spot: money.

They wave FAANG salaries in your face and ask “Why aren’t you coding for Google yet?” “Why aren’t you in those fancy ping-pong and sleep pod equipped workspaces, working on the next unicorn?”

The answer is pretty easy but very hard to swallow: you don’t get there by spending, you get there by LEARNING; step by step, often through bang-your-head-against-the-wall trial & error.

You get there with a mindset—a mindset that’s not for sale.

Learning code to get rich is like building your own airplane to go on a vacation. If you want a vacation: just buy a ticket. Build an airplane only if the process (of building) is interesting and satisfying to you.

Simply put, nothing but a strong inner drive will get you there—anything less will leave you giving up somewhere halfway, and most importantly, not enjoying the ride.

It’s about being motivated purely by your own choices.

It can be goals you truly believe in or a process that gives you a great deal of satisfaction. It’s being driven by ideas and values that are deeply rooted in your living fabric.

It’s not merely money.

This is why I was willing to take financial risks by starting a mentoring business: because I was going to do something I enjoy doing regardless of money: teaching—or as I prefer to call it: challenging people to learn.

To me, teaching is like a mountain that people have been climbing and using the same ol’ route for ages. Nobody ever asks: can we make this route better? They just follow the set path, without asking themselves:

What if there was a route that’s tailored around my natural abilities and skills?

I call THAT route Zen Development.

There are plenty of “experts” around. If they’ve failed you—probably have if you’ve read this far—it’s time to consider an alternative to following their path by learning to create one yourself.

You’ll always be able to follow the herd, or you can pioneer a path best suited for yourself and your destination. So what will it be?

Are you a pioneer, or you will go back to your sleeping pod?