What is the biggest challenge in learning code?

January 11, 2021
Written by
Ilya Dorman

After nearly a decade spent satisfying my client’s development needs, and 2 years teaching more than 30 students how to overcome their learning issues and get things done with coding, I must say there is actually a recurring pattern that prevents most of them from achieving the results they want.

As much as you can improve your learning and apply the most groundbreaking techniques out there when it comes to what makes a difference, my conclusion is…


Most aspiring developers make the same error: they start by diving deep into functions, OOP, data structures. and before they’ve managed to build a single piece of work, their only desire is to destroy their keyboard and go back to sleep.

Here’s the non-BS truth you won’t read anywhere: there’s almost nothing fun or even interesting about learning how to reorder an array or return a function.

Does it mean giving up all hope?


You should just radically shift your focus & expectations:

  • Make sure you have an exciting goal to achieve: focusing on building a project that you are truly passionate about is the key for anything;

  • Break it down into small pieces: always have a clear short-term and long-term goal in mind;

  • Make learning FUN for yourself: focus on the things you like, take as many breaks as you need, reward yourself for small results;

  • The tutorial is boring, or just plain hard to understand? Drop it: there is so much material out there that is not worth your time trying to fit a kid sweater on a bodybuilder;

  • Eliminate all your preconceptions about how and what a programmer should be: if you write code on your computer and it does things… congratulations! You are a programmer.