What is Zen Development?

January 04, 2021
Written by
Ilya Dorman

In all these years as a developer, I’ve been so busy working for clients and scratching my head at outlandish projects, I never realized how fundamentally impactful improvements in my learning approach could be.

Between school-systems sucking out of us every ounce of learning-joy, and bootcamps setting unrealistic goals and expectations, there is no doubt that learning how to code can be a very uneasy job.

After having spent 9 years deep in the startup industry (and no formal background), I’ve decided to take on both the science and theories of meta-learning, to develop something that code cannot. A personal mentoring style that customizes itself to your natural learning style & information processing methods to save you time, money, and frustration.

Zen Development.

In a nutshell, this is everything Zen Development can do for you, that others cannot:

  • Help you to avoid decision fatigue while still letting your passion guide your learning process; providing you with the best resources and tools to make choices. Clear out the noise around you and help you focus just on your personal goals;
  • Teach you how to think like a programmer and formulate precise questions.
  • Help you overcome mental & emotional blocks from past bad learning experiences.
  • Course-correct you every time you might get overwhelmed and stray.

Above all else, you will learn how to solve coding questions and problems by yourself.

When you know how to approach all obstacles constructively, efficiently, and effectively, my work is done.

Let’s start with one simple, yet crucial question: was there an idea that you always wanted to try coding? Something that you’ve spent hours thinking of?

If so (and I’m pretty much sure that at this point, there is something you’ve always wanted to build) book a free 1-on-1 session with me.

No obligations whatsoever. Let’s just chit-chat for 15 minutes about your WHY, about your passions, and about a project you’d like to get hands-on.

I’m always down for it, and you can book here our first step towards building something awesome together!